Wines and Vintages

Njord was established in 2010 with a dream of pursuing the potential of Pinot Noir Précoce in the Danish climate and the sandy hills of western Zealand.

Pinot Noir Précoce is an early mutation of Pinot Noir that had its greatness in Europe under the little ice age a couple of centuries ago. With the warming of the climate its optimal latitude has moved north for a new begining. In the cool danish climate we can seek the beautiful balance of freshness and elegance that we so much love in Pinot Noir.

With the vineyards established in 2010 the journey has just begun.

Our wines comes with a unique expression for each vintage made by the danish contemporary artist, Janna Kirkeby. The expression of each vintage will vanish with the consumption of the wines.

Terroir and Vineyards


The landscape was formed 18000 years ago during the end of the Ice age where deposits of sand and gravel formed these hills that are unique for Denmark. The soil has a thin top layer above some sparse clay deposits in some of the sites. These top layers are between 30 cm to 150 cm thick with a bottom layer of sand and gravel stretching as far as 100 meters deep without ground water.

The shallow top soil and bottom layer of sand and gravel provides the stress and drainage that vines so much love. The south facing hills gives optimal temperatures and protects from spring frost in this northern latitude.



The vineyard is laid out in terraces giving its name. The topsoil is loose dominated by sand with small amounts of clay in various pockets of the vineyard. The gravel bottom layer is starting from 40-100 cm depth that together with its 30% slope adds excelent drainage, The vineyard is situated in a pocket well protected from wind allowing high temperatures. Planted in 2010 covering 0,6 ha.

En Variation

The vineyard is 'a variation' of Terrassen but steeper and having a tougher soil structure  with less sand and a thicker layer of clay. It is our steepest site and even weeds struggle to grow here. Its 40% south facing slope and excellent wind protection makes it our warmest terroir. The gravel deposits are found in the same depth as Terrassen starting between 40-100 cm. Planted in 2016 covering 0,25 ha.


The vineyard is named 'hill of sand' from its extreme sandy conditions. The topsoil is only 30 cm deep and has an absence of clay. Despite its tough conditions the vines grow very balanced in this terroir. Planted in 2014 covering 0,25 ha.


Issø is characterized by a thin but constant layer of clay beneath its sandy topsoil. The gravel deposits is starting from 1 meter's depth. The vineyard is situated on the western hillside ending the lowlands of Maglesø lake. In the final period of the ice age these lowlands were covered by a lake from the melted ice. A phenomenon called 'Issø' in danish giving the vineyards its name. The vineyard's middle layer of clay is distinct for this terroir. Planted in 2018 covering 1,5 ha


The wines are sold to existing customers who will receive an email with the release of a new vintage.

We have a waiting list for those who wants to join when possible.


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